The Dua Journal: Dear Allah: Soft Cover The Dua Collection & Co

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Title: The Dua Journal: Dear Allah: Soft Cover
Author: The Dua Collection & Co.
MD5 Hash Code: 28e712d3441affada7d817eb2b7efc15
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The Dua Journal: Dear Allah: Soft Cover

The Dua Collection & Co The Dua Journal: Dear Allah: Soft Cover

THIS IS THE SOFT COVER VERSION OF THE ORIGINAL THE DUA JOURNAL.GRATITUDE JOURNAL | Each daily reflection page contains space for gratitude journaling and looking back on your happy moments of the day. Taking time to keep a gratitude journal and practice mindfulness can increase your levels of contentment and well-being.DUAS AND PRAYER | Each daily reflection journal page begins with an Islamic quote, dua or prayer, followed by a section to write down your own duas and prayers. The extended Dear Allah editions contains an extra lined page to use as a prayer journal. Deepen your personal relationship with Allah through prayer journaling and writing out your thoughts to Him.REFLECTION AND MINDFULNESS | Taking time daily to create a habit of mindfulness and reflection will help you to improve your well-being, relationship with Allah, and personal development. This Islamic journal also contains spaces for making and tracking faith goals.FEW MINUTES OF YOUR TIME | With open-dated reflection pages and a few short, guided questions each day, you can fit in faith journaling whenever it suits you best. You can take five minutes at any point in your schedule, or block out time to spend a little longer with your journal. Every day, every other day, every week - you decide what works for you.